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business team reviewing finance chartsWe founded Sherritt & Associates, Inc., CPAs in 1982 to provide business owners with the full-service tax support they need to save money on their taxes. Whether you want some help strategizing for the upcoming tax season or your financial records need to be organized, our friendly CPAs are here to help. You can count on our team to be responsive to your needs and provide high-quality, trustworthy tax planning, preparation, and resolution that you can rely upon.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and see ourselves as your financial doctors. Our tax experts take the time to understand your unique situation and provide tailored strategies and services to protect your hard-earned revenue. By taking advantage of our considerable experience and skillset, you put your company in a position to succeed financially. We look forward to hearing from you soon, so get in touch with Sherritt & Associates, Inc., CPAs at our North Canton office today!

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Proactive Tax Planning to Prepare for the Tax Season

Effective tax planning and thorough accounting go hand-in-hand. When you can count on accurate financial reporting and recording, your assets are protected and you free up time to focus on your business. We recognize that as life changes, so do your tax needs. Our experts are available throughout the calendar year to analyze your situation, brainstorm new strategies, and prevent surprises when the tax season arrives.

We typically begin tax planning at the end of the calendar year, from October through December. This timeframe gives us adequate time to analyze annual cash flow, review your company's performance, uncover any tax issues, and strategize accordingly. Our goals are to maximize your deductibles, minimize your liabilities, and provide meaningful strategies to protect your money. Depending on your situation, our accountant can advise you regarding:

  • Benefit plans for your employees
  • Preparing and contributing to retirement accounts for employees
  • Offsetting revenue with expenses

Is My Company Operating as the Correct Entity?

Your company's entity structure is essential to your tax planning strategy. Your business's entity is one of the factors that determines your taxability. Our team will discuss the type of services you are providing and help you decide whether or not your current entity is right for your needs.

Efficient Tax Preparation

businessman using digital tabletWhen you rely on our North Canton business tax experts to assist you with the preparation of your return, you can be confident that our team puts in the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your industry. We stay informed of changes to federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations, so we can help you stay compliant with IRS rules. If you perform work in multiple cities or across state lines, we help you file accordingly.

Our team provides you with a comprehensive tax organizer that lists all of the forms and paperwork you'll need when it's time to file your taxes. We keep track of your eligible deadlines, so you avoid costly penalties and fees for late taxes and make sure your information is correctly submitted. If you have any questions, we are happy to address them and explain which rules apply to your company.

Tax Resolution to Handle Outstanding Issues

It can be incredibly frightening to receive a notification from the IRS, but this is unfortunately a situation that many business owners will encounter at some point. Our CPAs are here to offer non-judgmental advice and create a plan to get your life back on track. We help you understand exactly what your situation is and explain the options available to you.

If it's not feasible for you to immediately pay off your fees, penalties, or back taxes, we can work on your behalf to set up an installment arrangement. If you qualify, you'll be able to pay off the IRS in affordable increments. We can also negotiate for an offer in compromise (OIC), depending on your circumstances. Business owners who qualify for an OIC can have a significant amount of their tax debt forgiven provided they adhere to a strict payment schedule.

Our North Canton tax services also extend to liens and levies. If the IRS has filed a lien against you or claimed a property with a levy, we can assess your situation and outline your options. We are qualified to represent you before the IRS in negotiations and consistently strive to provide you with the most beneficial outcome, regardless of your problem. We want to help you efficiently handle your tax issue and provide you with the knowledge you need to avoid the issue from occurring again in the future.

Reliable North Canton Tax Services

Whether you're looking for assistance with tax planning, preparation, or resolution, our skilled CPAs have the experience to help. We've supported business owners like yourself with comprehensive tax services since 1982 and are excited to partner with you. Contact Sherritt & Associates, Inc., CPAs at our North Canton office today so we can begin planning for your success!

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